after having 3 in home moving estimates that i thought were very expensive i decided to use home - street movers in sunrise fl .this was the worst business decision i have made in my 43 years of life !

the other co's warned me of internet scams but i did not listen .after i paid the agreed deposit and they picked up my stuff the nightmare began . i received a call saying that my goods took up more cubic ft on the truck and the price would be double ! after making dozens of calls ti attorney's , the state dot dept , police , they all said there was nothing they could do . i wound up paying 35 % more than i would have with alot of stress .after checking on this co i founf they have 147 complaints with the dot this year , most co's have 2-4 .

they also recently changed their name from " FIRST CALL MOVERS " a common practice i found for scam co's .

avoid this will surely end being a bad situation!

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Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #851673

I paid a Deposit in January to hold our so called moving spot.Couple of month later problems began.

Couldn't get a hold of anyone. No numbers work, and e-mails return as mailer demon. We are now out of $ 1.820 deposit.

Do not sign up with a Company called Homestreet movers , first call movers or Red Blue and white Company.Your money will be gone.


I agree as well. I worked there and found out about the scam when they screwed me out of commission as well as Customers out of pocket..

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #789035

I agree homestreet is a scam.Don't trust anything they say and don't five them a dime.

They aren't movers they are brokers and could care less about your move.Check our the BBB and DOT reports on them and their DBAs first call movers.

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